Otherworldly Mailing Lists

Do you love getting email? Can't get enough of it? Me too. I'm a mailing list junkie. Here's some interesting links for your reading enjoyment.

Before you start -- here's two tricks I use to make my mailing lists manageable.

1. Don't send mailing lists to your primary email account. I keep a separate email account just for mailing lists. It keeps my main inbox free for more important mail. A good second email site is the web-based email at TheMail. Read your mail from any computer with internet access. Sign up here first.

2. Get Gator to fill in your forms. At every mailing list site, there's the obligatory sign up form. What a drag to fill them all in. Let Gator do it for you!

Ready? Let's get subscribing!

AFreeB - Hundreds of mailing lists, there are several horoscope lists that pop up here from time to time.

Angel Voices - These loving & inspirational Angel Messages are accessed from the angelic realms & provide guidance for you & your sun sign element in daily life. Gems of wisdom that enlighten and uplift.

By The Numbers - What's in store for you today? The universal energies predict the nature, direction, and course of events for the day. It's Numerology at its best

eGroups - At last count, eGroups had about 20 lists dedicated to ghostly stories and encounters.

Fear Mailing List - Companion list hosted by the WebMistress of Guide to Fear

Focalex - Horoscopes, tarot cards, daily psychic lists and much more.

Free2Try - Several tarot and horoscope lists here.

Kelli Fox has a mailing list at her astrology site.

Mailbits - Horoscopes and more.

Myths-Facts - Not paranormal, but an interesting mailing list about common misconceptions.

Pocketstuffer - Psychic lists, tarot and horoscopes

Spells on the Web - This beautiful site has a mailing list you can join.

Suite 101 - Large paranormal section here; get updates via email.

Tarotscope - Using the ancient method of psychic prediction Tarotscope uses your sun sign element to access the mysteries of the universal forces according to the zodiac. See what's in the future for you..

WeirdTravels - This mailing list keeps subscribers up to date with strange and unusual happenings in the weird and wonderful state of New Jersey.   This includes local folklore, ghost stories, and the just plain scary.

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