Sample Reading

Following are excerpts from a recent reading, including feedback from the client afterwards. The full reading consists of the three areas below, and also includes a horoscope and tarot reading.


Client: Male, Late 30's

Dream: Was dreaming of a hidden hallway in the house that led to a haunted room and a dead garden.

Analysis: Hallways stand for worry, something pressing and overwhelming. The haunting doesn't indicate paranormal experiences, rather something from the past that is coming back to bother you. The dying garden indicates worry about work, a possible business failing.

Feedback after analysis: Client was worried about lay offs at work, worried about losing his job and the inability to sustain a mortgage. He had been laid off from work once before in the past when a company closed and was worried about going through job hunting again.


Past Life Impressions: I saw a European man, possibly from Hungary. I felt the year was the late 1700's, and I believe he was a judge or some sort of counselor, perhaps an adviser. A very creative person who supressed his creative talents to go about the business world. I also sensed a fear to express himself fully, fear of being considered "different". What others thought was very important. This left this spirit feeling very unfulfilled. I believe he may have wanted to be a painter or artist but never acted on these impulses. This life, be sure to allow your expressive side to come through. It's not the 1700's anymore; no one will attack you if you wish to be a writer, poet or author. There's still a fear of that.

Feedback after analysis: Client had approximately 20 half finished science fiction short stories saved on his computer; never took the time to publish or finish them for fear of being labeled "weird".

Rune: ISA - Frozen, unchanging, cold, unbending. Isa stands for ice and coldness. A challenge to be overcome that you need to work with. By overcoming, you change yourself. You are in a rut; break free of this frozen state to grow to your full potential.



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