Episode Three: Duggan Bros. Cement Factory

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no buyers willing to purchase the cursed property. The facility has remained closed ever since.." (from the MTV site)

As usual, the name of the location has been changed. View some shots of other abandoned cement factories, and see if you can recognize Duggan Bros...

Here's an abandoned cement factory north of Montreal....

Chip Matthews takes beautiful photographs. He's recorded two shots of an abandoned factory in New York. Does this look familiar? How about this one?

Hmmm.. an abandoned factory that's owned by a company that supplies locations to the film industry?? Doesn't that sound promising! And the Virginia Film Organization has an entire searchable database of abandoned factories and other buildings -- all for the film industry.

Maybe it's not a cement factory at all. Could it be this abandoned sugar factory in Utah?

Or this abandoned brick factory?

Haunted factories are quite common. View live web cam shots of a haunted linen factory in Ireland, and see if you can spot their ghost!

View abandoned factories in the Industrial Ruins of Detroit

Tour the abandoned Alcoa factory

Take another tour of an abandoned Lime factory

What's the real name of the Duggan Bros. Cement Factory? Is it even a cement factory, or some other kind? Vote below!

Looking for some fun? Why not visit the Nightmares Haunted Coffin Factory??

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