Ghost Picture of the Week

This is another famous ghost picture that has made it's rounds on the internet and in various books and magazines on ghosts. The text that accompanies it usually runs along the following lines:

"This picture is from England and was taken by the driver's wife. Notice the woman in the backseat. Her head is visible just to the left of the driver. No one was in the backseat when the photo was taken. The woman who took the picture recognized her as her mother, who had died about a week before the picture was taken. Experts at Kodak have analyzed this picture and said it has not been tampered with"

.Personally this one has all the makings of an urban legend. In fact, I have been sent this one via email one or two times, usually with the subject line being something like "Fw: FWD: FWD: FW: FW: LOOK AT THIS!!"

The urban legend trigger for me is the "Experts at Kodak" line. All urban legends are verified by "experts", like those virus warnings you get that were announced "from IBM this morning". (I work for IBM and can assure you we don't announce virus warnings via email!!)

For more information on urban legends, you can visit
The Urban Legends Archive

You can view an archive of past ghost pictures of the week. New ghost picture added every Saturday, so check back often! Email me your ghost photo to be added here!

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