Episode Three: Camp Spirit Lake, Shades of Death Road

"Camp Panther Lake, also known by locals as Spirit Lake or "Ghost Lake" (literally located just off "Shades of Death Road"), was built in 1929 in a remote section of forest near the historic Appalachian Trail and quickly became popular with campers. In the summer of 1971, the location earned an infamous reputation after three teenage counselors disappeared and their bodies were gruesomely unearthed from shallow graves....." (from the MTV site)

Check out Weird NJ's entry on
Shades of Death Road

IGH has some ghost pictures of this road

Read a scary story and some more history of Shades of Death Road

The Princess Doe case is still unsolved. Can you help?

Investigators search into the "Princess Doe" murder.

"Princess Doe" - dead amoung strangers

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